Sentinel-1 Quality Control

On this website you will find all information that is published by the Sentinel-1 Quality Control Subsystem.

IPF Auxiliary Data Files

L1 Processor ParametersAUX_PP1latest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
Calibration Auxiliary DataAUX_CALlatest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
Instrument Auxiliary DataAUX_INSlatest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
L2 Processor ParametersAUX_PP2latest S1A (ICID=7)
latest S1B (ICID=2)
Simulated Cross SpectraAUX_SCSlatest S1 (ICID=6)

Orbit Files

FOS Predicted OrbitMPL_ORBPRE(only last 7 days)
POD Precise Orbit EphemeridesAUX_POEORB
POD Restituted OrbitAUX_RESORB
POD Restitude AttitudeAUX_RESATT